Racebox Pro available

Hello! Below are details about new Racebox Pro version. Gererally we have all the same: housing, LED-display, one button and 16Hz GNSS-receiver. So what is new:

  1. We changed power socket from MicroUSB to USB Type-C. Now it is much more reliable and handy.

  2. Finally we implement Bluetooth (BLE) support. This allows us to add new awesome features:

  • 3rd parties mobile apps support. We got an agreement with main autosport apps developers to get Racebox support in their apps. Here is the apps: Harry’s Laptimer, RaceChrono, TrackAddict and Speed Logic. TrackAddict already released new version with Racebox support and others are expected to release it soon. Now professional autosport became a bit closer!

  • Vehicle OBD data support. Now you can log not only GPS-data but also vehicle telemetry from OBD-protocol: engine spees, throttle position, coolant temepature, etc. Now only one type of OBD-adapters supported — Viecar — it is widely available at AliExpress:) Later other adapters support will be implemented. OBD connection also allow us to add gear shift time measurement function for acceleration runs and VIN reading feature for reports.