New version cooming soon!

Hi averybody! Sorry, but all devices are sold out… Thanks to everyone who trusted and supported us. The feedbacks from our first customers showed that we didn’t mistake with the chosen device concept and design. But we don’t want to stay and we are announcing the enchanced version of Racebox with few significant updates:

  1. MicroSD cards support added. You can store the results of your measurements to the MicroSD card. Two types of logs available: full log and measurement report. The full log consists all race parameters and can be stored in CSV, GPX or VBO formats which can be used for further detail race analysis (i.e. with VBOX Circuit Tools software) or for video telemetry overlaping (Dashware, Racerender, etc.). The measurement report consists all measured results and a map with race location. Report is stored in HTML format. Here is an example of log files.

  2. Firmware update available through MicroUSB cable. There will be separate instruction sheet for firmware update.

New devices will be available in May. Please subscribe on our Instagram, Facebook, VK, etc.