Ready for race?

Racebox – multifunctional device for vehicle dynamic measurement and motorsport timing

What's inside?

The device has modern and high performance GPS/GLONASS navigation engine aboard, which allows to calculate location and speed data 16 times per second. It provides high accuracy of measurements, comparable with much more expensive professional equipment.

Racebox has bright LED-display with big characters, which are readable in any driving conditions. All controls performed with just one button.

Racebox Pro version has MicroSD memory cards support to store measurement reports and full logs in popular formats for further detail analysis. And it also has Bluetooth (BLE) module which allows to connect to mobile devices and OBD-adapters. Most popular auto sport mobile apps are already supported!

Measurements & Features

Racebox Lite
  • Acceleration time (0-60, 0-100, 0-200, 60-120 kph and others)
  • Distance time (60 feets, 1/8, 1/4 miles, 1000 meters, etc.)
  • Engine power estimation
  • Results storage to the internal memory
  • Road incline monitoring
  • Lap timer with best time statistics and predictive mode
  • Checkpoints timer with best time statistics
  • Braking path from any speed and average deceleration
  • GPS data gauges: speed, accelerations, altitude, heading, time, etc.
  • Roll-out mode
Racebox Pro
  • Measurement reports storage to memory cards (examples)
  • Full log recording in CSV, GPX or VBO formats
Racebox Pro+
  • Built-in battery 1200 mAh
8-digits 7-segments LED-display has 3 level of brightness and red filter to ensure good readability in any conditions
Micro-USB cable to power up the device and windshield bracket with suction cup are included in a package as well as the Owner's Manual in English
Just one big red (or blue) button for mode swap and settings adjustment
Modern technologies in digital electronics and fast prototyping, as well as close relations with best Russian and Chinese suppliers allow us to make this product affordable for any car enthusiast
Racebox has all that you need to evaluate dynamics of your vehicle. And even more!
Molded plastic case with simple shapes and front panel with two color options are executed in best traditions of Russian industrial design and it will perfectly fit to any interior



I like this device because of low price, very nice execution and the same precesion as at Racelogic. I got it just in a few days after the payment. Very good craftsmanship and material quality, easy to use and ready to work right after switching on. Thanks to the manufacturer!
(Translated from Russian)

I like this device especially due to its price! The second one is the functionality. And the third one is that it was assembled by our guys. Well done!
(Translated from Russian)

I even couldn't realize before that one button is enough to cover such a huge amount of functions. At all of this I just read the manual once. I apploud and very proud for guys who produce it! Based on price, quality and functionality there are no better alternatives at the market now!
(Translated from Russian)

I especially love that this device is tracking road grade and if the grade is too high - the result will be marked as "Not valid". That place where I measured acceleration many times before became not much flat... So finally now I have a tool to measure acceleration before and after ECU flashing.
(Translated from Russian)


To combine so many useful functions in one small box and make a price 7 times lower than original, and to produce it in Russia! Worthy of respect!
(Translated from Russian)

Just received the device. It looks accurate, nice to hold it in your hands and has funny package. Everything works fine without any lags. Respect!
(Translated from Russian)

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