Significant firmware update

Hello! We just released the new firmware version (2.21) for Lite and SD versions with many improvements and new features:

  • New history mode. Now you can choose required measured parameter to show by the button and not wait while it indicates automatically.

  • 16Hz GPS update rate added for devices with uBlox-M8030 modules. This type of GPS modules was installed on the majority of SD devices and some of Lite devices. Device will detect your type of GPS module automatically and set the highest possible GPS rate. Now all measurements will be more precise!

  • Acceleration measurement results now displayed with 2 decimal places accuracy.

  • SD version now can record a CSV file with all measurements history in one place. Now it is easier to track your skill improvements.

  • GPS NMEA data streaming to serial port for future Bluetooth connectivity support. This feature is under development. Detail manual for connection will be available later.

  • Settings mode optimized. We hide some parameters and change a sequence.

  • Other minor updates…)