What is the difference between Lite and Pro versions?
  • Pro version additionaly has:

    1. Support of MicroSD memory cards, where reports and logs saved. Logs can be saved in CSV, VBO and GPX formats and can be used in VBOX Curcuit Tools and Track Attack.

    2. Support of most popular auto sport mobile apps for iOS and Android: Harry’s Laptimer, Racechrono, Track Addict and Speed Logic (Android only)

    3. Support of BLE OBD-adapters. It can provide useful data about engine work: engine speed, throttle position, temperatures. This data will be logged together with GPS data.

    For more details please see owner’s manual.

Why do I need this device if I can simply install an app to my phone?

Usually, in the most of modern smartphones GPS data has 1Hz update rate (1 time per second), which is not appropriate for any reasonable measurement accuracy and results repeatability. Racebox has 16Hz GPS/GLONASS module onboard. Together with smart software algorythms it can provide high level of measurement precision comparable with much more expensive professional tools.

What is included in a package?

The device itself, bracket for windshield installation, USB Type-C cable, owner’s manual, car sticker and additional 25 horse powers in original box:)

How engine power is calculating?

Power calculation is considering all main forces, applied to the vehicle: inertion force (including inertion of rotating parts), wheel rolling resistance force, aerodynamical force and incline resistance force. For correct power calculation it is important to setup initial vehicle parameters: weight, transmission type, drag coefficient and frontal area. You can find this parameters for the particular vehicle in the Internet.

I broke my windshield bracket! What should I do now?

Don’t worry! We use wide spread bracket from Xiaomi recorders. You can easily order it on Ali. For example here:


How can I open VBO files?

VBO — it is a format of log files used in VBOX devices (Racelogic, etc.). It can bу opened with Circuit Tools (app for laps analysis) or Test Suite (acceleration run analysis). Also we can recommend nice free app for track analysis — Track Attack — it has versions for Windows and MacOS.

Which mobile apps are supported?
  • Currently we support all most popular auto sport apps:

    • Harry’s Laptimer (and other Harry’s apps)

    • Racechrono

    • Track Addict

    • Speed Logic (Android only)

Which OBD-adapters are supported?

Currently Racebox supports following adapters:

New adapters will be added later after integration and testing.

Any questions? Write!